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Stairway To Tyranny

This book reviews the historical precedents that show how we are being set up for an authoritarian take-over and calls for all citizens to work together to stop it in its tracks. US history as we know it has been twisted and distorted to throw us off the trail, so that we misread the signs that indicate the danger we are in. Every major issue has been condensed into an emotional distraction for the purpose of concealing the facts.

We have a corporate stranglehold on the economy; collusion between Washington and the bankers/businesses; creeping laws that take private property away from hard-working families and individuals for the benefit of those at the top...Are we walking right into the trap? 

Authority is being concentrated, our liberties are chipped away, and what little wealth we manage to scrape together is confiscated on more and more flimsy pretexts. The privately-held resource base that was supposed to be the bedrock of this country is being taken away, and the average citizen …
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Reflections On The Loss Of The Freeborn American Nation

This book analytically chronicles the rise of a corrupt collusion between a large corporate elite (aristocracy), the centralized bank and their inside government representative base.
The end result was that the forces of the banks, and the large corporations, completely dominated the US government, and the average US citizen no longer had any entity within the US government that served his interests or cared for his concerns - up to this very day. Furthermore, our right to bear arms is under threat. Should the second amendment be neutralized or eliminated, suspension of the Constitution will not be far behind. The thirteenth amendment did not outlaw slavery, to every reader's shock and surprise. It simply exchanged the legal right to own slaves from the individual over into the hands of corporations and the government. We may observe in the preamble of the Declaration of Independence that states have the right to choose secession, if the people in those states feel that the forces…

H.L. Dowless, his life in recent months, his latest projects and plans

    I have a line of escapist literature out , feel free to investigate.the link below Drop a line and make a request.

Literature From The Treasure Trove

     There is much going on in the world today, especially as it involves literature. I have published eight poems in an online journal called Leaves Of Ink. Another e-zine called The Fear Of Monkeys has recently published two short stories of mine. An online journal called Vinculink has also published two short stories. A journal known as  Short Story Lovers has published four of my titles. Be sure to investigate these journals as the mood leads.

The Fear Of Monkeys


Leaves Of Ink

Keep a look out on the link above.

Short Story Lovers

,    Shame on me for being on such an enduring hiatus. I have been very busy lately. I have been working 6 days a week. Since I am stateside presently, I wind up doing whatever until my next offshore gig. My present job as being an assistant to a loc…

My Wolf Is A Howling

My wolf is a howling,
oh how can this be,
She's sure a snarling and snapping,
that much is clear to see.

My wolf is a howling,
throwing cups and growling;
What in the world happened to
my beautiful warm darling?

My wolf is a howling,
she no longer snuggles up,
she only turns her back, barking and crowing,
how may I treat her so that I might only have peace as I sup?

I know not if I shall awake where my feet might strike the floor,
but my wolf is sure to be yelping
until I walk out that door.
There will be no peace in my house,
seemingly forever more,
today I can only gaze outward into a sublime blankness,
never knowing what tomorrow might hold in store!

If Only Just To Be Forever Free

There once was a little pearly girly with a pretty pearly grin. She swished so sleekly sweet when she walked that many swore that.., why.., surly she could never sin! But one warm day when the wind puffed enough to make a great snake spin a sightly spin, that little girl decided to just up and disappear for quite a long while, only to return again with just her darling little pearly grin.   “Well now, dear Allison, shame on you!,” cried all of the townspeople throughout the little village town. “Oh do tell us all now, just where is it that the likes of you have been? We are so sure that you have been acting like an old crazy doped up clown throughout our happy little town again... Oh dear, oh how this is just such a terrible messed up sin!”   “Well now, oh my dear ones,” replied little Allison, “I've been around the whole wide world and back again! I hoped a great big blue bird and dared to fly with all of the angels on high. I sat down for soup with ole King Cole, which is wo…
The Imp And The Fairy Princess

There once was an imp whose appearance was vain, his behavior was foolish, even his speech and imposing mannerisms were maimed! From those eastern cannibalistic lands afar he and his kind had once been blessed, indentured to serve the superlative bloods' best.

His mortal salvation was his own indenture, for in his own lands very few of his age did survive the daily adventure, let alone thrive as a simple butler employed in basic mealtime bequest, being allowed his nourishment from among the tables' finest!

For many years with his situation he was quite contented until he commenced to keep company with envious out-landers, who told him tales of wealth reserved from his labor and invented more tales of fabulous riches in his own land that his presence pandered had forced his loss, callously forgetting his past perilous situation and the weight that he once bore in carrying his daily cross.

So he cried unto the fair…